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Emma Friedman on NH Today 5-23-24

John Bolton on NH Today 5-23-24

Former UN Ambassador and National Security Advisor John Bolton joined the show to discuss the death of Iran's president, the ICC warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu, and more

Sen. Rebecca Perkins Kwoka on NH Today 5-22-24

State Senator Rebecca Perkins Kwoka joined the show to discuss the legacy of retiring State Senator Lou D'Allasandro, and more

Kevin Munoz on NH Today 5-21-24

Kevin Munoz, National Spokesperson for the Biden Campaign, joined the show to discuss President Biden's trip to New Hampshire, and more

Lara Trump on NH Today 5-21-24

RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump joined the show to discuss Former President Trump's ongoing criminal trial, President Biden's visit to NH, and much more

Jeff Benedict on NH Today 5-20-24

Jeff Benedict, the author of "The Dynasty", a book about the rise and fall of the New England Patriots dynasty under Brady and Belichick, joined the show to discuss the book, the Apple TV series, and his upcoming appearance at The Palace on Wednesday night

Colin Van Ostern on NH Today 5-17-24

Candidate for Congress in CD-02 Colin Van Ostern joined the show to discuss his candidacy, the newest entrant into the race Maggie Goodlander, and more

Maggie Goodlander on NH Today 5-14-24

Maggie Goodlander, candidate for Congress in CD-02, joined the show to discuss her candidacy, her stances on some of the issues, and more

Dante Scala on NH Today 5-9-24

Dante Scala, professor of Political Science at UNH, joined the show to discuss Maggie Goodlander entering the race for Congress in CD-02, and much more

Governor Chris Sununu on NH Today 5-7-24

NH Governor Chris Sununu joined the show to discuss an article proclaiming NH one of the best states in the US, his view on a proposed "Mansion Tax" in Massachusetts, and more