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Is recession worse than inflation?

Why is the stock market rising without rate cuts?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong react to the University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey that came in much lower than expected. Why the stock market has risen even with no rate cuts. Elon Musk's pay victory removes cloud at Tesla, but fresh legal fight looms. Don't just set it and forget it when it comes to your money goals.

Hidden costs of homeownership continue to climb

On the second hour of today's show, Chuck and Mike discuss the latest news out of Tesla regarding CEO Elon Musk's pay package on the verge of being approved by shareholders. Plus, Jeff Ostrowski of Bankrate joins the guys to recap their latest survey about how the hidden costs of homeownership have risen 26% since 2020. An update on the peculiar minimum-wage law is faring in California and impacting its fast-food restaurants. And of course, stack roulette.

Is the labor market finally cooling off?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong react to the Fed's comments about a possible lone rate cut coming this year. PPI data shows wholesale prices unexpectedly dropping in May. US jobless claims rise to highest level in 9 months. Bond market splits from Fed again by betting on 2024 rate cuts. The era of higher savings and bond rates is still going. How can you take advantage? Market volatility is making a comeback?

Ask Todd: Important factors to consider when choosing an irrevocable trust

Todd Lutsky, Cushing & Dolan, explains what factors go in to making a decision on creating an irrevocable trust. What are the downsides of using an irrevocable trust? How do you know if you need one trust or two? How to plan for estate taxes and a possible nursing home stay?

Gen Z is learning a hard lesson about the job market

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane explain why Gen Z is in for a rude awakening as they enter the labor force. European carmakers are concerned about the new tariffs against China. US home-purchase applications rise for the first time in five weeks. Will oil levels be able to keep up with peak demand? Biden and Trump both want to extend tax cuts for Americans. Can the country afford it? 

Inflation slowed down in May. How will the Fed respond?

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane react to the May CPI report that showed inflation slowing down over the month. Will the Fed make a rate cut decision at this week's meeting? How are markets pricing in future rate cuts? Todd Lutsky stops by for his weekly segment, Ask Todd, where he shares his expertise on estate planning.

Shopping centers were supposed to go away, instead we have more than ever

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane wonder what happened to the supposed retail apocalypse. Pimco warns of more regional bank failures on property pain. The stock market rally has been all about large caps. As banking moves online, branch design takes cues from Starbucks. The postal service's $40B overhaul is off to a rough start.

Apple partners with OpenAI and Elon Musk is very unhappy

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane preview this week's Fed meeting. Why the Fed is in no rush to cut rates as economy holds up. Fed's higher-for-longer stance hits firms that expected cuts. Apple partners with OpenAI to rolls out new artificial intelligence system. Elon Musk says he will ban Apple devices if OpenAI is integrated into OS. 401(k) confusion abounds. Workers think they're saving, but they aren't really.

Home are for sale, but buyers can't be found

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong take a look at homes for sale are piling up, just not where buyers are. Toyota lost over $15B in market value last week after being caught falsifying tests. Annuities are soaring in popularity. They're not all as safe as they seem. Apple is under pressure to deliver on AI at Monday's WWDC event. How much is your smart phone spying on you?