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AI will supercharge productivity. Will workers benefit?

Would a recession be good news for markets?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong dive into the Fed's preferred measurement of inflation, consumer prices increased 4.4% in April, what does this mean? The guys wonder why some financial strategists believe that a recession would be just what markets need right now. Potential debt-ceiling deal starts to take shape as deadline looms. Gas prices have come way down, just in time for summer. Cape Cod bridge repairs highlight how the housing crunch has exacerbated commutes. Tesla and Ford come to an agreement for Ford to utilize Tesla's charger network.

Walmart is fighting inflation in a big way

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong take a look at how Walmart is fighting back against inflation and actually being a champion for the little guy. Ted Rossman, Bankrate, joins the show to chat about how Americans are relying on side hustles to get by. Airlines and regulators are scrambling with incidents on track to break records. Half-empty a year ago, cruises are now packed like sardines. Netflix's password crackdown has come for the US. Dollar Tree shares tumble after cutting profit outlook. Tipping prompts are suddenly everywhere and it has to stop.

Wall Street is preparing for a default

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss how Wall Street is preparing for a potential default by the US. Nvidia's stock soars off huge forecast and carries AI companies with it. Fed Officials lean toward a rate hike pause in June, but they are not ready for a complete stop. Researchers urge governments to discourage driving and improve public transit. Boston is nowhere near close to having that happen. Elon Musk believes more companies should shrink like he has with Twitter.

Ask Todd: Protect mom's house from the nursing home

Todd Lutsky, Cushing & Dolan, details what happens when a spouse dies and the remaining spouse doesn't have an estate plan set up, how to protect a parents house from the nursing home, and what to do if your estate plan is out of date.

Did China win the past 30 years?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss the fragile relationship between the US and China, if anything can be accomplished between their respective commerce secretaries, and which country economically won the past 30 years. More Americans are struggling with their finances, according to a Fed survey. Only 63% of Americans can cover a $400 emergency cost with cash. Waymo's self-driving cars will be available soon, but only in Phoenix.

What are the ramifications of a US default?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti disagree about what the fallout could be if the US pushes past the x-date or even defaults. The guys get sidetracked looking at what kind of coins you can actually buy from the US Mint. Todd Lutsky drops by for 'Ask Todd.' Mr. Lutsky details what happens if your spouse dies and you haven't set up an estate plan yet and how to protect a parents house from the nursing home.

The cause of inflation has finally been solved!

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti are surprised that it took the two top economists this long to figure out the root cause of the current rate of inflation. Airlines and the FAA try to head off summer travel meltdowns. Lowe's cuts full-year sales forecast, even as it tops earnings and revenue estimates. From college to the working world, many 20 somethines know nothing other than the 'hybrid' life. A new protest is forming in the UK, these protestors are fighting to keep cash alive.

Has Massachusetts lost its economic mojo?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti continue to wonder when the US Govt will get a solution done on the debt ceiling. Grady Trimble, Fox Business, weighs in on the negotiations and what the outcome could be if there is a default. Hedge funds rush to buy stocks on S&P 500 momentum. Has Massachusetts lost its way as the economic driver for New England?

Morgan Stanley has a big warning for investors

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss Meta being slapped with a $1.3B fine from the EU for transfering data to the US. Morgan Stanley says US rally isn't the start of a bull market. Minnesota passes bill seeking to ensure minimum wage for gig workers. Unemployment Insurance is stick in 1935. Airline pilots seek a better work-life balance and higher pay in latest move. How did Hyundai become an EV innovator. The E-Sports world is teetering on the brink.