On NH Today, Kuster on Justice Alito: "He is trying to keep women down."

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Congresswoman Kuster says about Justice Alito, “I think he has spent the last fifty years trying to keep women down. I think he wants to turn back the clock.”

In an interview with WGIR’s Chris Ryan, Representative Annie Kuster from New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District discusses steps to codify rights guaranteed in the Roe vs. Wade decision; outlines the problems which could be expected if Roe vs. Wade is overturned; blames supply chain problems, the war in Ukraine, and price gauging for inflation; and talks about pro-choice protests at the homes of the anti-abortion justices.

To protect a women’s right to choose, Congresswoman Kuster wants pressure brought to bear on the New Hampshire legislature to maintain our state as a pro-choice state.

Additionally, she and the New Hampshire Congressional delegation are working to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which will codify abortion rights nationwide. The bill has already been passed by the House but didn’t have the 60 votes needed to be considered by the Senate.  

Congresswoman Kuster believes that the decision by Justice Alito will have dire repercussions on family planning. She predicts that some states or even the federal government will pass very restrictive abortion laws.

The cost of an unwanted or forced pregnancy will add to the economic problems which many families are facing due to rising prices, according to Congresswoman Kuster. She feels that inflation is partially caused by our supply chain issues which are related to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Congresswoman Kuster also blames corporate greed and price gauging, especially in the energy industry, for higher fuel costs.

When she was asked about the pro-abortion protests, Congresswoman Kuster is defended the First Amendment rights of the protestors and her confidence that law enforcement can protect the lives and homes of the Supreme Court Justices.

The Congresswoman went to state that judges, who have a long-standing reputation of being anti-woman, Judge Alito, should not be determining how people should plan their families.          


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