On NH Today, Shaheen on COVID Surge: 'Blame the Unvaccinated, not Biden'

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Examines US-Russia Policy

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Senator Shaheen does not blame Biden for mishandling the pandemic. “I didn’t expect, and I doubt that President Biden did either, that we would have millions of people in this country who would have the ability to go to their local pharmacy or a vaccination site to get vaccinated to protect their health and the health of their friends, family, and neighbors, and that they wouldn’t do it. That’s why we’re in this mess!”

In an interview with WGIR’s Chris Ryan, Senator Jeanne Shaheen discusses the Biden Administration’s response to the outbreak Omicron COVID cases; blames the unvaccinated for the current problems of dealing with the pandemic; accuses Russia and other groups of causing dissension in our country by spreading misinformation; and assesses Russia’s goals in the Ukraine and our response.

Senator Shaheen called on the Biden Administration to do more to push companies to produce more tests and therapies and to provide assistance to our overworked healthcare workers.

Senator Shaheen calls on those people who have refused to be vaccinated to listen to their medical provider rather than social media.

“Don’t listen to disinformation that’s out there. There are opposing actors whether they are nation states or other groups who are spreading misinformation deliberately to keep people from doing what they need to do to protect their heath.”

When she was asked about who was spreading misinformation, Senator Shaheen said, “What we know is that Russians and other countries are doing what they can to make divisions in our society, and this is one area which is easy to exploit.”

Senator Shaheen believes that Vladimir Putin’s goal is to return Russia’s boundaries to what they were prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Putin wants to block former Soviet states like Ukraine from joining NATO.

In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimean portion of Ukraine and there has been fighting in Eastern Ukraine ever since. The Senator stated her belief that the 14,000 troops lost in this war shows that Ukraine is willing to defend their freedom.

The Senator also believes that the Biden Administration has done a good job of coordinating with our NATO allies who will unite in standing up to Russian aggression.

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