On NH Today, Bolton Says COVID and January 6th Highlighted Vulnerabilities


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Former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, says, “I’m worried. Putin had a three-hour meeting in person with Biden, and he sized up that Biden’s just not the guy he was five years ago.”

In an interview with Chris Ryan for WGIR, former UN Ambassador and National Security Advisor, John Bolton discusses whether the omicron variant to the Coronavirus is a national security threat; weighs in on the January 6th attack on the Capitol Building; evaluates Joe Biden’s relationship with the leaders of Russia and China; speculates how those leaders would deal with President Trump in his second term; and analyzes the effectiveness of President Trump’s negotiations with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Ambassador Bolton believes that the Coronavirus was a biological attack which was covered up by the Chinese government and that America is vulnerable to more attacks in the future.

In addition, Bolton points out that biological weapons are easier to produce and easier to deploy than nuclear weapons. The Ambassador fears that future attacks might be on our food supply.

“If I’m China or Russia, or the rogue states like Iran and North Korea, I’m saying that the U.S. and the west did not perform well in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, so I have no doubt that these countries are developing new strains.”

John Bolton blames Congressional leadership for the lack of preparedness for the January 6th attack on the Capitol which he considers to be an isolated incident. Bolton describes the attack as a very sad day in our history and calls for the participants to be punished to the full extent of the law, but he dismisses the claims that this was an attempted coup d’état.

“It was a series of circumstances which I don’tthink will happen again.”

The Ambassador favors a thorough investigation into what happened, the roles of members of Congress in the event, and recommendations made to prevent such an incident in the future.

John Bolton is also concerned about the attitude of too many of our elected officials.

“We elect people to Congress who don’t think that their most important duty is to legislate. They think that their highest priority is to get on television and get attention for themselves.”

In the long run, Ambassador Bolton believes that this type of self-promoting behavior weakens the effectiveness of the legislative branch of our government.

John Bolton thinks that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have been emboldened after their one-on-one meetings with President Biden.

“If the leaders of our principal adversaries conclude that our leader is not up to the task, they’re going to try to take advantage. That’s certainly what Putin is doing now in connection with Ukraine and Belarus. Xi Jinping thinks that Taiwan is more vulnerable because we have a president who is not able to focus on these problems.”

Ambassador Bolton was asked to speculate how Russia or China would have dealt with President Trump if he had been reelected.

“Both Putin and Xi viewed Trump as erratic and hard to predict in the first term. I think that they came to the conclusion at the end of the first term that they could roll him.”

In the final segment of the interview, John Bolton concluded that President Trump’s negotiations with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, were mostly photo opportunities and press conferences. Bolton claims that North Korea has been quietly continuing its development of its nuclear weapon and missile programs.

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