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On NH Today, Pappas Explains His Vote For Build Back Better Spending Bill


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Congressman Pappas voted for the Build Back Better Plan because, “This bill is geared toward lowering costs and cutting taxes for working families.”

In an interview with Chris Ryan, the Representative from the First Congressional District, Chris Pappas explains why he has voted for and supports President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan; addresses concerns about increased energy costs; discusses the universal Prekindergarten provision of the Build Back Better Plan; and outlines the provisions of the bill which address climate change.

Congressman Pappas believes that the $1.75 trillion spending plan, which is known as the Build Back Better Bill, will benefit the constituents in the eighty communities which he represents. He contends that provisions in the bill will offset the effects of inflation by giving lower costs for childcare, healthcare, prescription drugs, and college. In addition, the bill addresses climate change.

In previous interviews, Congressman Pappas had reservations about supporting this bill if it wasn’t funded sufficiently. Contrary to estimates by the CBO-Congressional Budget Office that the bill falls short of paying for itself by $367 billion, Congressman Pappas maintains that the Treasury Department believes that by tightening IRS enforcement, the bill will be fully paid for in ten years.

Congressman Pappas explains that the current bill is an improvement over the original proposal which was in the neighborhood of $4 trillion and had several provisions which he did not support. In addition, this bill will probably go through several more alterations when it comes back from the Senate.

The increased cost of gasoline and home heating oil is a topic which Congressman Pappas expressed to President Biden on his recent visit to New Hampshire. The Congressman has called for the President to release strategic oil reserves, to restrict oil exports, and to pursue allegations of price gouging by the big oil companies.

In the Build Back Better Plan, the universal Pre-K program will be funded for ten years. Congressman Pappas is hopeful that the positive results of this program will ensure that it will continue after 2031.

Congressman Pappas considers climate change to be an existential threat to our existence and believes that the United States needs to lead the rest of the world in decreasing emissions. The Congressman supports provisions of the bill which will grow our nation’s renewable energy sector by providing tax credits. As a result, he expects the rapid development of clean, renewable energy such as solar and offshore wind.

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