On NH Today, Gov Sununu Discusses Meeting President Biden As He Lands in NH


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Governor Sununu to Joe Biden, “Welcome to the Granite State. Why are you here when New Hampshire is fiftieth in federal highway funding?”

In an interview with WGIR’s Chris Ryan, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses what he plans to say about the infrastructure bill to President Biden today when they meet at the airport today; blames politics and poor representation by New Hampshire Congressional delegation for the Granite State receiving less than its fair share of federal highway funding; debunks the idea that this bill includes money for the Capital Corridor Rail Project; and will inform President Biden about the pain which inflation will inflict on the people of New Hampshire.

Governor Sununu has a number of questions about the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill which is being touted and kicked off today in the Granite State, such as, how will it be implemented; how will inflation affect the cost per mile; where does the work force come from; and most importantly, why is New Hampshire fiftieth in the fifty states when it comes to federal highway funds.

The Governor is upset that New Hampshire ranks last in federal highway funding and finds it curious that President Biden is here touting the passage of his monumental infrastructure bill.

Governor Sununu explains that the formula for highway funding was developed by Bernie Sanders ten years ago; and, as a result, Vermont, which has half our population, gets more money for roads and bridges.

The Governor went on to castigate the New Hampshire Congressional representatives, “We’ve never had a delegation willing to stand up and say that this isn’t fair.”

Another misconception about the infrastructure bill that Governor Sununu discusses was the Capital Corridor Rail Project. He contends that there is no money for the project in this bill; and, even if New Hampshire got partial funding from a separate grant, it would put a tremendous strain on the state to build and then to subsidize a system that takes workers from New Hampshire to Boston.

In the final segment of the interview, Governor Sununu intends to inform President Biden that inflation is real and that something needs to be done about the high costs of heating which people in the northeast will be facing this winter.

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