On The Press Pass, The Connection Between New England's Pro Coaches

Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy has formed relationships with Bill Belichick, Alex Cora and other pro coaches to build out strategy in several areas, including dealing with media scrutiny.

In interviews with Chris Ryan, the legendary New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick; the personable, Boston Bruins Coach Bruce “Butchie” Cassidy; and the man who is frequently referred to as a player’s coach, Red Sox Manager Alex Cora speak about how they have formed a bond. Despite all coaching very different sports, they can be very open with each other about their problems, challenges, and successes.

Bill Belichick is not exactly known for being an open and chatty guy. In the interview, Belichick explains that he isn’t likely to be very open about his team with another NFL coach, but he enjoys sharing insights with the coaches of other Boston sports teams, in particular, Brad Stevens, the former coach of the Boston Celtics; Bruins Coach Butchie Cassidy; and Alex Cora, the Red Sox Manager.

In his interview, Belichick enjoys getting a different perspective about topics that they all share despite the very different aspects of the sports that they all coach. All pro coaches have to deal with athletes and teams and similar situations, especially the challenges and pressures of playoffs.

“When it’s a coach who is outside your circle of competition, it’s a lot easier to have those frank conversations about your team or whatever situation that you’re talking about than it is with somebody who is in your sport.”

Bruce “Butchie” Cassidy gives some background to how this inner circle of Boston coaches began grew from Cassidy’s love of and interest in other sports.

Cassidy shared how he took advantage of some down time during a long break between rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to get some ideas from two basketball coaches—Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors and his practice facility neighbor, Brad Stevens of the Boston Celtics.

In his interview, Coach Cassidy describes his special relationship with other Boston coaches.

“There’s good camaraderie. We’re all trying to generate enthusiasm in the community through our teams and our organizations. That’s how that started.”

Recently, Butchie Cassidy and Alex Cora discussed how to navigate the ups and downs involved with playoff competition—how do you use the free time, how do you bounce back when things don’t go your way, and how do you deal with the media when things come at you.”

Cassidy has also conferred with Bill Belichick on how to keep players motivated and sharp during the long layoffs which can occur between rounds of the playoffs.

Boston Red Sox Manager Alex Cora describes how the four coaches of the major sports in Boston keep in touch, give each other tips, and root for each other.

“The more time that you spend in the city and working here, you become fans of the teams that you’re surrounded by. I don’t know much about hockey, but I’m pulling for the Bruins.”

Red Sox Manager Alex Cora said he needs to get Bill Belichick's number, so they can text.