The Press Pass: The Red Sox Are on a Nine Game Win Streak

In an interview with Chris Ryan, several Red Sox players discuss how the team has rebounded from losing the first three games of the season to currently sitting in first place in the American League East after riding a nine-game winning streak.

Designated hitter, J.D. Martinez, who is batting .360 with 4 home runs, talks about how the team’s hitting has improved and shown depth.

Outfielder, Alex Verdugo, who has been making great plays in the field and has come up with some clutch hits, shares how the team’s chemistry is significantly better this year.

Hunter Renfroe, an outfielder who has lately been swinging a hot bat, discusses Manager Alex Cora’s ability to communicate with his players.

“That’s one of his biggest focuses--communication. He let’s the players know before anybody whether they are playing or not; and, basically, what to expect for that week. You can prepare, do your research, and do your homework.”

Second baseman, Christian Arroyo chats about how the Boston lineup 1 through 9 has been hitting because they have all use the same approach to wear down pitchers and have quality at bats.