An Unmitigated Disaster at the Border

BUCK: This is Buck, and at the border right now you have the Biden crisis continuing. Now, there are some things that a president has to deal with because of just luck or circumstance — a once-in-a-century pandemic, for example, at least when it starts. No one knows what’s going on; no one sees that coming.

But now we have a circumstance at the border where you can see exactly why the lawlessness continues to get worse. We were told — we had it on good authority from the so-called experts — that in the summer months of 2021, the border crossings would go down. There would be far fewer people ’cause it’s hot.

Well, it turns out that there’s a recognition among those who want to game and scheme our immigration system that now is a great time to come into the United States while Biden administration is completely flailing, does not want to fix the problem. You have to remember that. There’s things that are difficult to fix, and then there’s when the people who have the power to fix it choose not to.

And that’s what’s actually happening at the border right now. You have thousands — and, Clay, I know we’ve been exchanging texts over the weekend about this issue — thousands and thousands of Haitian migrants who are under a bridge at the Del Rio crossing in Texas, right where the Rio Grande River… It’s kind of at the center of the U.S.-Mexico border geographically.

And you have at one point they believe was up to 15,000 who have gathered in 100-degree heat. People are describing it as what seems to be a refugee camp. It’s like something out of a Third World war zone. There’s not enough sanitation, not enough food, not enough water, all gathered together. And, Clay, the initial media reporting was, “Oh, they fled Haiti because of what they always say about Central America,” or whatever.

“Oh, there’s an earthquake or there’s corruption. They have some… No, actually what they’re finding is that first of all, there are Cubans and Venezuelans and others there as well. But most of the Haitians who are there are part of a surge. And they’ve actually paid the cartels, they’ve been smuggled through Mexico. They were living in South America previously.

But they know that now is a time where they can kind of sneak in and sneak past the Biden immigration, open-border situation and hence the illegal immigration market speaks. We have thousands and thousands of people who are all camped out. Some are being turned away if they’re single, adult males. Most, who are family units, are being let right into the United States — and is there covid testing, by the way, Clay?

CLAY: No, and there’s so many things about border that is an unmitigated disaster right now under the Biden administration. We begin with the fact that this surge happened because while the Democrats might send Kamala Harris down for a disastrous trip to the border and down into the countries beneath the border to argue that they don’t want people to come, these people are not stupid.

They know that the Biden administration is far more welcoming to their illegal access to the border than anybody would be if Donald Trump was still in office. And if you are going to be opening up the country for travel from other countries — which is what we’re doing for Europe right now and other foreign countries, but we’re requiring negative covid tests or vaccination in order to actually enter the country.

They’re not testing anybody at the border. And, by the way, this is happening for American citizens. I talked with you about this, oh, a few months ago, I think. When I went down with my family to Mexico in February, you have to have a negative test to come back into the country if you are an American citizen and you’re flying back from Mexico.

But if you’re illegally crossing the border and you’re not an American citizen, we don’t care at all about whether or not you have covid. This is madness, and I don’t know how it gets solved, Buck. I mean, think about these people living in squalor underneath this bridge in Del Rio, Texas. It’s going to get much worse before it gets anywhere near better.

And they’ve tried to ban… We talked about this some on Friday. They tried to ban drone flights so you couldn’t see it, and then they got into helicopters to be able to get over and see it, and everyone is trying to pretend — in the media — that this story doesn’t exist, even though it is a flagrant mess.

BUCK: This is why the visuals are so important.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: It’s why they actually had that two-week drone moratorium just in this one place, because when people see this mass of illegal crossing that’s going on, it becomes very clear: Hold on. This about let’s say nine to 15,000 depending on when you’ve actually seen a photo of it. Clay, there were 209,000 last month at the U.S.-Mexico border who were apprehended crossing into the country illegally.

There are tens of thousands of got-aways on top of that, and that’s not just some random guess. It’s Border Patrol was all getting diapers and formula and bringing food to family units who are crossing illegally into the United States in one part — and they’re tied down making sure everyone’s safe, that everyone’s okay — and then the cartels will just run through individuals, drugs, whatever they want down the border.

That’s the way they’ve been playing this game for a long time. When I was at the Rio Grande section of the border this past spring, Clay, they were telling me. All the Border Patrol agents were saying, “This is only going to get worse.” The federal government… Now, these are guys who are Border Patrol unions. They can say a little bit more ’cause everyone’s, obviously, afraid of speaking the truth about what’s going on in this Biden DHS. But the federal government doesn’t want this to end.

CLAY: Right.

BUCK: Because they’ve made a promise to the far-left, open-borders activist wing of Democratic Party. And if they start to clamp down, if they start to stop, how are they any different from Orange Man Bad, the terrible Trump administration with their walls and their remain —

CLAY: Cages.

BUCK: — in Mexico policy?

CLAY: Yeah. This is what’s wild about this is most presidents, a situation like exists in Del Rio Texas would be one of the biggest crises of their presidency. Right now, Biden is so incompetent on all fronts. We’re gonna talk about this a little bit at the start of the second hour ’cause I’d like for you… I think we can have a little bit of fun with ranking the crises that are facing the Biden administration right now in terms of how severe they are, and also whether or not we feel as if they can be remedied in any way.

Buck, this is not hyperbole. This is not exaggeration. Joe Biden right now is on track for the worst first year presidency of I think almost anyone out there who is listening to us right now of their lives. Certainly, for people like you and me, Buck, ’cause you’d have to go back and say, “Okay, worst first year presidency, probably Jimmy Carter, maybe?” I don’t know that we can even point to a worst first year presidency than what’s going on right now. It’s pretty wild to think about.

BUCK: Remember, they would always point to in May and June, covid and return to normalcy and we’re supposed to thank Biden. Remember when there was all this talk about how Biden was so much better at getting the vaccines out to people.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: You’ll notice there’s a lot less of a focus on that talking point now maybe because the monoclonal antibody clinic — as you pointed out, Clay, some of them down in southern Florida — somehow almost half of the people showing up who want monoclonal antibodies, which means they are highly motivated to get really serious help for covid infection, have already been vaccinated.

CLAY: Sixty percent of Miami monoclonal antibody treatments right now according to the office of Ron DeSantis are coming from vaccinated people. So while all the focus — we talked about this a lot on Friday — is the restriction of monoclonal antibody treatments and the idea being, “Oh, this is just a substitute for vaccination.

“These people deserve what they’re getting,” whatever? That’s kind of the idea that’s floating around out there I think in many left-wingers circles. Sixty percent of the people that are being treated right now in the state of Florida for that are people who have been already been vaccinated.

BUCK: One thing you can always count on with the government, Clay, is they’re about 90 days behind where the actual —

CLAY: Whatever the data is?

BUCK: — data and reality is at any point in time. So we’ll see. This is why I think, as you rightly point out, they’re making a bet. They’re doing two things with the boosters. A bet that cases will just drop. More shots means that cases go down, even though what’s happened the summer, more shots and more natural immunity, cases started going up and up and up.

Okay, that’s going on. Then also they want to keep a bazooka in the back pocket to use, so to speak, if they get into a really bad winter situation. At least they can say, “Oh, we gotta get everybody these boosters now. Now the data demands it.” If they boost now —

CLAY: — and they still have the bad numbers —

BUCK: — then what?

CLAY: It is such a corner they’ve painted themselves into, that what they’re gonna do is not gonna work, but narratively they need to have something left.

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