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Tim Pool: Daniel Penny ARREST shows ‘self-defense IS ERODING’

It seems that self-defense may be a principle of the past, at least in some of America’s far-left cities. In fact, the recent arrest of Marine Corps veteran Daniel Penny, who put Jordan Neely in a chokehold after Neely began harassing other subway riders, shows the right to defend yourself may soon cease to be a right at all. So, what can be done? Tim Pool, host of Timcast IRL, joins Glenn to discuss how we can out-master the far-left’s on-the-ground protests: ‘I want to send a message that these protests don’t work, which means we have to counter them with something that’s more powerful,’ Pool says. Listen to the clip to find out how…

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GLENN: Tim, my man, how you are, sir?

TIM: I'm good. How you are?

GLENN: Well, I'm good. I want to come on to your show. You've invited me a few times. But I don't know. Getting there, the bag over my head, and being thrown into the back of the van.

TIM: Yeah. We're on the top of the mountain, so we have to keep it a secret, right?

GLENN: How are you?

TIM: Pretty good. Pretty good. Things are going great out here. We're expanding quite a bit. We have a new studio popping up. Very excited about that. Other than that, doing the show. Talking about the news. And I got to a certain degree, giving my money away to people who need it more than I do.

GLENN: Good for you. Good for you.

What you're doing with Daniel Perry. Or Daniel Penny.

TIM: Penny. Perry is the other guy.

GLENN: Penny. What you're doing is so important.

This guy, I can't believe we live in an America today, that is going after this guy.

TIM: Well, I was on the other side of it, to a certain degree, when the story first comes out. Because I've been just really frustrated with what I view as not enough people, standing up for moral values. Or moral framework.

So, you know, Rittenhouse, for instance. 100 percent, we have to save this guy. With Daniel penny. I first said, you know what, obviously this guy should not be going to prison.

He did the right thing. Defended others. But if you choose to live in these cities. And you're not pushing back against the changes.

If you're voting for these people, I have no sympathy. That is what I was saying, the week prior.

Then I had some good conversations. Some people made some good arguments to me. And I realized, you know what, there's a very, very food reason, to actually be in this fight. To make sure Penny does not go to prison.

The first is, you know, I felt kind of bad to see everyone rallying to save this guy from prison. Here I am being this kind of dick. Like screw you. You made your own bed. But I thought about two things. One, somebody said to me, it's not just so easy to leave a city. When you say, Tim, get out of the cities. Because they're getting bad. And the Democrat policies are soft on crime. It's getting worse.

You don't understand, some people can't just up and leave.

And my response was, well, it may be very, very hard, and it may be the hardest thing you've ever done, but you certainly can move out of these cities.

And then someone made a good point. My wife left me through no choice of my own, and my kids are here. And I will not leave them behind. And I'm like, that is a good point. There really are circumstances, where people -- they want to stay there. They want to push back. They don't want the cities to fall into this can of garbage. I was a bit short sighted on that. And I can respect that. But on the better argument, if Daniel Penny loses this fight, then self-defense in this country erodes. And it's only a matter of time before it comes to your suburbs and then to your more rural areas, and that was the most compelling thing to me. I was like, look, I've always agreed this guy, a hero, has done the right thing. But that's actually a good point.

So I wake up one day, and I am looking at the fundraiser, I said, basically because I was such a dick.

GLENN: Okay. We're on FCC airways. I just want you to be careful.

TIM: Oh, sorry. I should probably lead out on this one. And so then I decided to, you know, I looked at what the current numbers were. And I said, I can afford to do better. So I put up 20,000 for Penny. You know, kind of -- I should have donated in the first place. I was wrong to say, you're on your own. And I do want this guy to win. I do want self-defense to win.

And so I put up the 20 grand. And I said, I know there's a lot of people who can probably give more than me, and I challenge them to do so. And there's another reason on top of it. Let's send a message at the protests, which triggered this man's arrest are meaningless. Because you have New York City. These protesters come out.

They're violent. They get arrested. And they use that to garner sympathy. And get this, our reporter who was simply standing there filming, was attacked by these protesters. And I said, I want to send a message, that these protests don't work.

And so that means we have to counter those protests with something more powerful, and that's winning the legal battle here for Daniel Penny.

GLENN: Well, I just -- I look at this story, and I think to myself, what you said about -- come to your town next.

This is going against all of human nature. And this is what progressives do. In the end, it's always going against human nature. It is saying, you don't have a right to defend yourself, or protect others.

And for a guy to stand up. I mean, think of this.

What was his name? Todd Beamer.

Wasn't he the guy, the let's roll guy. All he did was exactly what Todd Beamer did after 9/11, or on 9/11. Where he was sitting on the plane, the hijackers take over, and he's like, let's go. Come on. It's us or them.

And they took them down. And we celebrated. We celebrated that guy. Here's another guy. I don't think he wished him ill. He just wanted to stop him, from doing any damage. Or hassling people.

And we don't have a right to do that?

If he loses, you're exactly right. We have to sit there and take it.

TIM: There's also, I believe -- I can't remember how long it was in New York. Another man was being violent on the subway. And getting in people's faces. And a man put him in a choke hold and subdued him. And he got interviewed on television, as a hero. So something changed, or has been changing the last several years. And I think, while I certainly can point the finger at these far left extremists. And these Soros DAs, and these policies. I think the bigger problem is not that evil exists. But it's that good men do nothing. And so in a place like New York City, I wonder why it is, that people of New York City, knowing that crime is getting out of hand. Why aren't people protesting for Penny. That was initially what got me on sort of the negative side of this. Like look, the people of New York City come out and protest, to have this man arrested. This is what they want.

If the people of New York City wanted something different, they would be standing up. Or Daniel Penny. But they don't do it. Now, all that aside, my ultimate conclusion is, we need to -- we need to be that support then. We need to help this man win this legal case, lest it come our way.

Always be standing up for people who are doing the right thing, lest one day it is you on the firing line, and no one speaking up for you.

GLENN: Go ahead.

TIM: Well, I was going to say, I think it's interesting, that where is the shared conviction and moral framework of the American population?

We can see it with this movement to provide resources to Penny's legal defense. But we don't see it on the ground, the way the left does.

So not only are the left fundraising like crazy, when it comes to political issues. They're out there getting physically violent, and organizing massive protests.

And voter initiatives. And that seems to be the stronger organizational power.

We have to counter that. We have to wake people up. We have to tell people, that the only thing required for evil to triumph. Is that good people do nothing. And we need those good people to stand up.

GLENN: So I think the problem is not that, people are unwilling to stand up. They're unwilling to stand up, under these conditions.

Because I think the January 6th scared people enough, that if they go stand up, there might be an FBI informant there, that will start something.

If the left comes in, starts a fight. They will be ones that are called the terrorist. I think people are much more comfortable being at home.

They feel safer being at home, giving, than they do marching. And that is a problem.

But I don't see a Martin Luther King that is leading that.

TIM: You know, freedom isn't free. And if this is how we as the American people choose to progress. That is to say, the average person says, you know what, it's easier for me to stay home and keep my head down. Than the next generation. The generation after that. Things will just keep getting worse.

I think back to the greatest generation. I think back to the men and women who fought in the American revolution. These are people who said, if I don't do it, who will. And if I don't do it, what am I leaving for my children?

But now it seems very much so, that that mentality, certainly exists among these leftists who believe crazy things.

But the average American, the regular person says, just leave me alone. And this allows the more extreme elements of the left to run rampant, capture institutions. And to be honest, I am fairly optimistic though.

I think freedom, personal responsibility. Meritocracy. I think all that is on a whim. I think this is just a great challenge before us. In our current decade and generation. But I'm pretty sure we got this one.

I do. I don't see the chaos of the left functioning properly. There is a fire that is raging.

But I think we will stop it. I do.

GLENN: I have a sneaking suspicion, that that is true.

I wasn't there a year ago. But I am there now.

I mean, it will be a race to the finish. And I'm not sure for -- you know, I wouldn't want to bet my house on who will cross that finished line first. But they are so out in the open now, and the things that they are pushing are so crazy, that I just don't think that Americans will continue to take it.

Maybe I'm wrong.

TIM: Yeah. I agree. No, I do think so. I think what we're seeing with Penny, I think this is a sign of people saying, okay. Okay. Maybe I do need to be active.

Because it will come to your house. And I talked about this several years ago. I said, when the mob is outside protesting and screaming, the police will have a decision. They'll say, do we arrest the man in his home, one man, or do we try to arrest 200 rioters?

And they are going to say, look, it's easier to keep the peace by arresting the one man. And you know what, we saw that in Milwaukee, a couple years ago. A large group of Black Lives Matter protesters had -- I should say rioters at this point, set fire it a house. Twice.

Because they were demanding that these two young girls be released. Who weren't even there. It was just mob mentality.

This same group. Mostly the same group. Same organizers. Showed up to a man's house. And began a similar protest. When he brandished his shotgun, from inside his own home, as a warning to these people, as what previously burned down the house. I'm not saying it was the right thing to do.

But when he did, the police came to the cheers of Black Lives Matter, had arrested the man in his own home, and carried him away. And they celebrated it.

And it was interesting. Because we said, I thought Black Lives Matter wanted to defund the police. No, no, no.

They want to remove any police, who are willing to support American values, self-defense.

They arrested a guy in his own house. And I warn people, if you don't stand up, if you're not active, the cops will simply say. You don't ever protest. There is no political pressure from you. The violence and the fear that we feel is coming from the far left, so we will do what they want. We got to -- we got to send a message, we're stopping that. We're saying, no, no, no, no. We're going to stand up against this. And we will put pressure in the right way, which is through the legal process. To put an end to the violence and the chaos.

GLENN: Yes. Good for you, Tim. Tim, thank you so much. Great to talk to you, and keep up the good work.

You bet. Tim Pool. Host of Timcast. At Or YouTube.

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