WATCH: Freediver Blacks Out, Nearly Dies While Attempting World Record

Freediver in the sea

Photo: Getty Images

A professional freediver is lucky to be alive after a failed attempt to set a new world record. Miguel Lozano was attempting to reach a depth of 416 feet when he blacked out due to low oxygen pressure.

As Lozano reached 410 feet, just six feet away from the record, he lost consciousness and had to be pulled out of the water. Luckily, he was fine after the blacking out but said he felt dejected after coming so close to setting the record.

"Once I woke up on the platform with an oxygen mask on my face and all the rescue team on top of me, I first felt dejected, as I knew I didn't make the record — but also [I had] a feeling of sheer relief that I had escaped with my life," he said, according to Fox News.

It was the third time Lozano attempted to set the world record.

Lozano shared a video of his attempt on Instagram and thanked the crew at the Rotan Freediving School for getting him to safety after he blacked out.

"We usually try to hide accidents in Freediving to avoid giving a bad image and bring freediving closer to the general public. Black out rarely occurs, but when it happens, as part of our sport and with the appropriate protocols, as you can see in the video (as it would happen in other sports like climbing) I had no consequences. Thanks to the @roatanfreediving team who put on an impeccable performance and mentally allowed me to face this world record attempt," he wrote.

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