Loud Boom, Shaking Hits New England Region

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A loud boom was heard and felt in several states within the New England region over the weekend.

WMUR reports residents in 40 cities and towns across southern and central New Hampshire, as well as others in northern Massachusetts and eastern Maine, reported feeling and/or hearing the boom on Sunday (October 10) morning.

One individual in Fitzwilliam told the station they felt the shaking for 10 seconds at around 11:30 a.m., while another in Merrimack said they heard a huge bang and felt their house shake.

"First thing was like a huge thump, like a very heavy person had landed on their heels on our second floor," Weare resident Richard Bossart told WMRU. "We called up to our son on the second floor who replied, 'It wasn't me!'"

Local authorities are investigating the reports but have not found any information as of Monday (October 11) morning.

The Weston Observatory and U.S. Geological Survey both confirmed there were zero reports of earthquakes in the area on Sunday.

"We see nothing on our seismic stations that indicate that there was any earthquake activity in the middle of the day in New Hampshire," said scientist John Ebel from the Weston Observatory via WMUR.

Paul Caruso, a geophysicist at the USGS National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colorado confirmed he checked seismographs for the New Hampshire area and didn't see anything that would have resembled an earthquake in the graphs.

Earlier this year, a mysterious explosion was caused by a gender reveal in southern New Hampshire.

The Kingston Police Department confirmed to NBC Boston that explosives used by a local family at Torromeo Industries on Dorre Road were the cause of the loud explosion, which neighbors said was like nothing they'd ever heard before.

“It was earth-shaking,” a Dorre Road resident told NBC Boston.

The explosion shook houses in the surrounding neighborhoods and even was caught on a doorbell camera surveillance video in the next town over.

Kingston Police later confirmed the sound was caused by the gender reveal using explosions.

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