FBI Investigating Apparent Noose Found In Black Firefighter's Locker

The FBI has launched an investigation after a black firefighter from Bloomington, Minnesota, found a noose hanging in his locker. The crudely tied noose was discovered on June 15, but nobody filed a report until June 23.

Bloomington Fire Chief Ulie Seal praised the firefighter for coming forward and reporting the incident.

"Acts like this that embody hate, intimidation, and aggression will not be tolerated," Seal said in the press release. "The firefighter who brought this to our attention has demonstrated extreme strength and bravery and has done the right thing."

Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse issued a statement of his own, saying that the issue "is being dealt with aggressively."

"We will not tolerate or, in any way, condone such behavior," Busse said. "The City has a strict workplace policy that forbids all types of discriminatory and disrespectful behavior."

The FBI said that their investigation is in its initial stages and could not provide any details.

Photo: Getty Images

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