Police Searching For Person of Interest in Case of Murdered NH Couple

Texas police are asking the public for any information on the identity of a person of interest in the deaths of NH residents James and Michelle Butler. The couple was found buried at a South Texas beach last week after being reported missing in mid-October. The Kleberg County Sheriff's Office announced Friday their deaths are being investigated as homicides.

The couple had been on a tour of the United States with a truck and RV and had recently stopped in Texas to pick up odd jobs to keep themselves going. During a press conference Monday afternoon, Lt. David Mendoza said surveillance video captured James and Michelle Butler’s Chevy truck and camper trailer entering Mexico. Neither Michelle or James was behind the wheel.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Sheriff's office at (312)-595-8500 ext.1238 or email jgarza@klebergcoso.org.