New Hampshire Today: Interview with Governor Chris Sununu 3-23-21

In an interview with Chris Ryan, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses the problems which occurred with registration for COVID vaccinations for the 50 plus age group, predicts the percentage of the New Hampshire population which will ultimately be vaccinated, and states what the state guidelines for businesses will be once the vaccination program has been completed.

Governor Sununu acknowledges that there was a slowdown of the registration system because 200,000 people signed on at the start of the day for COVID vaccinations for the 50 plus age group, but he insists that the system did not crash. The Governor offers the fact that 100,000 registered and 80,000 scheduled their vaccinations as proof that the registration system works.

There were similar delays on the first day for registration for other age groups. Governor Sununu advises people to not panic about getting in the system at 8:00 AM when it opens; but, if you do, you can expect to be on the phone from 10 minutes to an hour. The Governor promises to increase the speed of the system when the next big group--the 16-50 age group—becomes eligible in a few weeks.

Governor Sununu would like for everyone to become vaccinated. However, he expects that only 45-50% of Granite Staters will become vaccinated for COVID-19. Healthcare workers and long-term care residents make up the largest group receiving the vaccine at 80%. People in the lower age groups are less inclined to become vaccinated. Probably only 30-40% of the 20-30 age demographic will get vaccinated.

Once the vaccination program has been completed, Governor Sununu believes that we can return to normal and the people who chose not to be vaccinated are pretty much, on their own.

“If people choose not to get vaccinated, that’s their choice. But there is a risk to themselves for that. They carry that risk, not the businesses and the surrounding community. We are all making sacrifices today for those who want to protect themselves.”