New Hampshire Today: Interview with Governor Chris Sununu

In an interview with Chris Ryan, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu responds to favorable poll results which showed a 72% job approval and a 2% margin of victory if he chooses to run against Maggie Hassan for the US Senate in 2022; discusses the stormy scene at the New Hampshire General Assembly session where a number of Democrat lawmakers walked out of the hall to protest voting on the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act”; evaluates whether he will sign the abortion bills which are being voted on in the legislature; weighs in on the almost $2 trillion COVID relief bill being discussed in Congress; and considers approaching Gary Bettman, the NHL Commissioner, about Echo Lakein the Franconia Notch Park hosting an outdoor hockey match which would be similar to an event at Lake Tahoe.

CNN has predicted that a senatorial race between Governor Sununu and Maggie Hassan would be the marquee event of the 2022 election. However, Governor Sununu denies having any interest in running for the Senate and claims to have little faith in polls. The Governor even dismisses the high approval rating poll and prefers his own evaluations of his job performance.

Governor Sununu criticized the Democrat lawmakers who stormed out of the New Hampshire House of Representatives Session over bills involving abortion rights, “Any of you Democrats who got up and left, you owe your constituents an apology. You weren’t elected to do the job only when you felt like it.”

The controversial abortion rights bills, which are being fought over in the House of Representatives would ban abortion after 24 weeks and the other would require that “medically appropriate and reasonable” care be provided to all babies after birth, would require the Governor’s approval. At this time, Governor Sununu, who has campaigned as being pro-choice, seemed surprised that the abortion bills had been moved up for a vote so quickly. The Governor claimed that he had not read the proposed bills and will wait until the final version arrives on his desk to decide whether he will sign it into law.

Governor Sununu was quite open in his criticism of the COVID Relief Bill being discussed in Congress, “That bill, right now, is a big mess! There are hundreds of billions of dollars in that bill that have nothing to do with COVID.”

The Governor criticized the practice of putting things like across the board increases to federal agencies; the $15 minimum wage; forgiving $50,000 in student loan debts; and giving money to bail out badly managed state governments into a bill which is supposed to be about helping people and businesses affected by the pandemic. In his opinion, each of these issues should be discussed and voted on separately on their own merits.

Governor Sununu says to the people of New Hampshire, “Your tax money will be going to bailing out the bad management of Cuomo and Newsome, and all these governors who were asleep at the wheel. That is inherently unfair. That is not about equity. That’s about choosing winners and losers. The Democrat Party has to have a realization that the American people are not dumb. There shouldn’t be special rules for the Chuck Schumer’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of New York and California.”

Recently, the National Hockey League had an outdoor game between the Flyers and the Bruins at Lake Tahoe which had huge TV ratings. Chris Ryan pitched the idea of having a similar event in New Hampshire on Echo Lake at Franconia Notch State Park. The Governor saw the opportunity to highlight New Hampshire’s natural beauty and promised to contact Gary Bettman, the Commissioner of the NHL.