New Hampshire Today: Interview Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan

In an interview with Chris Ryan, the U.S. Representative from Ohio’s 13th Congressional District, Tim Ryan, discusses the mood of the House of Representatives while it considers voting to impeach President Trump and what needs to be done to begin the healing process in our country.

Last night, the third ranking House GOP leader, Liz Cheyney of Wyoming stated that she will vote for impeachment. Congressman Ryan is encouraged that more Republicans will give added bipartisan support for impeaching Donald Trump when the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheyney is on board.

Congressman Ryan is optimistic that Senate Majority Leader McConnell might throw his support for convicting President Trump on the impeachment charges this time. The Congressman calls on all lawmakers, Democrat and Republican, to stand up and clearly show now where they stand on this controversial issue.

Today, many Americans are very angry and anxious. Congressman Ryan is confident that Joe Biden will be able to fulfill the role of Healer-in Chief. In addition, the Congressman believes that politicians need to listen to the people in order to understand their fears and concerns and to begin the healing process. Tim Ryan calls for all Americans to listen to each other, “We need to find common ground, so we can get to higher ground.”

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