New Hampshire Today: Interview with Congressman Seth Moulton

In an interview with Chris Ryan, Seth Moulton, US Representative from the Sixth Congressional District of Massachusetts, was in the Capitol yesterday when the building was stormed by the rioters. Moulton is a former Marine Corps officer who served four tours of duty in Iraq. He describes the efforts by the Capitol Police officers to protect the lawmakers and their staffs from the mob. The Congressman was in his office and about to go to the House Floor to vote when police moved all of the Representatives to a holding room for protection.

Representative Moulton is shocked by this assault on the Capitol Building, “This is something that you see in Banana Republics, not in Washington, D.C. Let’s make no mistake. These aren’t just protestors. These are domestic terrorists who have attempted to take over our government.”

Congressman Moulton is also concerned that there might be security breaches which occurred when members of the mob might have had access to sensitive or classified material as they roamed through the offices.

The blame for this assault on the symbol of our democratic government, the Capitol, has been put on the president. Congressman Moulton has called for President Trump to be removed from office, “We need to hold not just these terrorists, but the lawmakers who incited them accountable to the rule of law. This starts at the very top, and that’s why I have called for our Commander-in-Chief to be relieved of duty. Some people may say that it’s too late, but it’s never too late to do the right thing. It’s never too late to uphold the law.”