Join us for a special anniversary editioin of New Hampshire Today. We remember NH stories....check out our lineup as we bring you personal stories of that tragic day...

6:10 Scott Helman from the Boston Globe will discuss his book called: "The Long Mile Home" hear his story as he details the moments leading up to bombings and the aftermath

6:20 Senior Editorial Director for The New Hampshire Union Leader, Drew Cline, will reflect on that day, and tell us his personal thoughts from a journalist's point of view a year later

6:40 Elizabeth Comeau, of the Boston Globe, will recount her personal story of that day

6:52 Jack will talk to a member of the SWAT team about that day and get his thoughts on how the day unfolded in Watertown...

7:10 Jim Miller, a man who has run in over 100 marathons, tells us his personal story of that day, and how frantic he was trying to find his daughter who was waiting for him at the finish line

7:20 Jack talks to two NH State Troopers who were there and answered the call of duty by helping the victims of that fateful day....we will welcome in Sgt. Shawn Haggerty and Sgt. Scott Gilbert

7:40 We will continue our two-part series with these heroic members of The New Hampshire State Police

8:15 Governor Maggie Hassan gives us an insightful look on emergency prepardeness in our state since the marathon bombings, and looks ahead to the future of NH and beyone

8:40 Congressman Peter King, R from NY and head of Homeland Security gives us details on what is being done now to curb these types of situations from escalating and also reflects back on that day with us